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Poems To or About Moore

The following list is an expanded version of poems mentioned on or submitted to the Marianne Moore Society page, as compiled by Vivian R. Pollak. Where available, a link to each poem has been included. If you wish to recommend an addition to this list, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Auden, W. H. "A Mosaic for Marianne Moore."

Bishop, Elizabeth.  "Invitation to Miss Marianne Moore."

Duncan, Robert. "The Maiden."

Eusuf, Nausheen. "To a Pangolin."

Fulton, Alice. "Give."

Hartley, Marsden. "Marianne Moore."

Hogue, Cynthia.  "The Sibyl."

Jarrell, Randall.  "The Country Was."

Leavell, Linda. "Monhegan Island."

Merrin, Jeredith. "The Long-Whiskered Owlet (Xenoglaux loweryi)," "The Barn Owl," "Hummingbird."

Niedecker, Lorine. "If I Were a Bird."

Notley, Alice. "Homage to Marianne Moore."

Olson, Kirby. "Christmas at Rockefeller Center."

Smith, Ellen McGrath . "Re: Marriage."

Spicer, Jack.  "Radar: A Postcript for Marianne Moore."

Stevens, Wallace. "The Prejudice Against the Past."

Todd, Ruthven. "A Short Happy Poem for Marianne Moore."

Updike, John. "Miss Moore at Assembly."

Wasserman, Rosanne. "Walking on All-Hallows, 1971," "The Mind Is an Enchaining Thing."

Williams, William Carlos. "Marianne Moore."


Suggestions for Further Reading:

Clampitt, Amy. The Kingfisher, What the Light Was Like.

Critics and Poets on Marianne Moore. Includes poems by Grace Schulman, Cynthia Hogue, Jeredith Merrin, Joanie Mackowski, Lisa Steinman, and Jeanne Heuving.

Festschrift for Marianne Moore's Seventy Seventh Birthday. Includes poems by John Ciardi, Babette Deutsch, William Jay Smith, Nicholas Moore, James T. Farrell, Ralph Pomeroy, Howard Moss, Eleanor Edelstein, Allen Ginsberg, Herbert Cahoon, Robert Penn Warren, David Ignitow, Millen Brand, Vernon Watkins, Richard Wilbur, James Laughlin, Robin Skelton, Jeff Kindley, Carol Weston, and Theodore Weiss.

Merrin, Jeredith. Owling.

Taggart, John. Unveiling/Marianne Moore.